Information Nanus Corn

  • Summer’s favourite for every garden

    The nanus is a small flower gladiolus, its branches never growing beyond 60 to 70 centimetre. Therefore, this flower is commonly known as the ‘baby gladiolus’. A just title with regard to its size, but an unfair one in terms of its potential. Available in many colours, immensely durable and, because of its size, weatherproof, this flower is even suitable for wild growing, flowering anew every year. It is exactly this combination of characteristics that makes our Nanus the summer’s favourite in every garden; success assured.

    Gebr. Hermans offers 20 different varieties of Nanus in as many colours. From a soft lilac pastel to a deep pink variant. From an immaculate white to a cream yellow. The additional colourful accents give our Nanus the exotic appearance reminiscent of an orchid. Justly, we call our Nanus ‘Flower Power’. No other flower unites colour, strength and allure in such a brilliant manner. Unique in its shades, unprecedented in its strength. Can you resist the temptation?

    Power Flower
    Sound familiar? A garden full of beautiful gladioli, but after a heavy downpour and a sigh of wind, they topple. Planting these flowers seems great at first but after a year there is nothing left? The Nanus of Gebr. Hermans offers a solution. Because of their strong branches, that remain short, they survive all weather. Where other gladioli go down, the Nanus still stands. From mid-June to the end of September, they brighten up your garden and new flowers keep blooming. Our Nanus is even suitable for wild planting, flowering anew each year. Effortlessly, without
    replanting. A flower that can be called ‘Power Flower’ justly.

    Availability: Nanus corms are available from 15-08-2015 to 01-05-2016.

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