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For over 50 years, Hermans B.V. has been cultivating these elegant mini gladioli. Their goal is to make the Mini Gladiolus the flower of this era. This elegant flower matches our modern, colourful and fast-paced time perfectly. This elegant and stylish flower makes people shine. Frontrunners in the cultivation of the Nanus variety

We’re not satisfied until you are.

Hermans B.V. is an enterprise specialised in the cultivation and greenhouse production of Nanus Gladiolus. With over 50 years of experience, we are able to guarantee our clients a quality product on offer, both for bouquet flowers and for gardens. For us, quality goes beyond mere product quality. Our clients appreciate us for our excellent and customised service provision as well. Quality in our product and our service provision lies is the heart of our company. We’re not satisfied until you are. How does this translate to your wishes and needs? Allow us to convince you!

mini gladiolus

This elegant and stylish flower makes people shine. Frontrunners in the cultivation of the Nanus variety

Quality through craftsmanship.

The quality that we deliver can make or break the success of our product. Our corms all come from our own plantation and are guaranteed to be fosarium-free. By storing our corms at the right temperature, applying thrips treatment regularly, and thoroughly inspecting the product before delivery, we guarantee our clients get the highest quality corms, ready to be used as half-product in the greenhouse or as end product for direct sale to customers. Reliable and with success assured. Quality through craftsmanship.

Craftsmanship through customization

The wishes and needs of our clients come first for us. Always. By taking care of transport ourselves, we are able to deliver our products on call. Ordered today? Delivered tomorrow. Changes in delivery date, size, or quantity? Gebr. Hermans is keen to help you out. Are you considering including the nanus in your product range? Small batches or sample orders are always an option. Do you have customers in the greenhouse industry abroad? If needed, we can provide complete cultivation support. Our clients come first. Always. Craftsmanship through customization.

Quaranteed vase life

Through our trading, we notice a growing demand for small, easily transportable gladioli with a long vase life. Gebr. Hermans offers a complete range of nanus gladioli in a wide variety of colours. From our greenhouses, we provide our clients with flowers of excellent quality with a guaranteed vase life of at least 10 days. Ready for global transport.

Allow us to convince you

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