Information Colvilii flower

  • Information Colvillii flower

    A range of colours
    The Colvillii is a small flower gladiolus, its branches never growing beyond 60 to 80 centimetres. The vase life of this Colvillii is at least 8 days. It is available in a wide range of colours and some cultivars even show additional colourful effects, giving it an exotic appearance. A great choice for a mono bouquet or a mixed bouquet! These flowers are available from May 15th until October 10th. We are PMS-certified.

    Gebr. Hermans offers u 12 different Colvillii cultivars in as many colours. 
From a soft lilac pastel to a deep pink variant. From an immaculate white to a deep red. The additional colourful accents give our Colvillii the exotic appearance reminiscent of an orchid. Justly, we call our Colvillii ‘Flower Power’. No other flower unites colour, strength and allure in such a brilliant manner. Unique in its shades, unprecedented in its strength. Can you resist the temptation? 

    Available: The Colvillii flower is available from May 15th until October 10th.

  • Gladiolus colvillei albus (10)