Piet and Mart Hermans took over the plantation, then still name J.G. Hermans, from their father in 1981. The family business was set up in 1965 in Noordwijkerhout. As a result of the rapid growth, a new location was found at the Jacoba van Beierenweg in Voorhout in 1986. Not even ten years later, the company moved again, this time to the Oude Herenweg, where it still remains today. Where the old man Hermans once started with one basket of Nanus flowers, his sons are now responsible for the lion’s share of the total cultivation, with 11 hectare of Nanus Gladioli being grown.

    The brothers make no secret of being real Nanus experts. “We’ve grown up with it. We cultivate 16 different variations and there are not many more out there. A few cultivars can only be found at our plantation, such as ‘Impressive’, ‘Amanda Mahy’ and ‘Robinetta’. This also means that our range includes some difficult cultivars, such as ‘Nymph’ and ‘Albus’. These are quite susceptible to fusarium. In the past, the Nanus was known for its fusarium related problems. We have overcome these and can even guarantee our corms to be 100% fusarium-free. One of the reasons for this is the fact that all our corms come from our own greenhouses and are grown by us from seed to corm.”
    To be able to guarantee quality of the Nanus, according to Piet, one has to pull out all the stops. “This is why we don’t also have other bulbous or tuberous plants”, he explains. “The cultivation of the Nanus demands a lot of attention. We inspect every little corm thrice. In the winter months, we have three people on a constant inspection. In addition, we practice strain selection; our way of reaching for the highest possible quality. This process of creating a new batch, however, takes ten years. We have done this for the ‘Albus’ cultivar, among others.

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